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It was a passing moment it was a shocking moment the formation of childhood Stephen King had enjoyed somewhat from end of sixth grade to his freshman year was shattered. The old man Stephen had adopted as a father was shattered. He spoke lovingly of the Kohler family as paradigms of New Braunfels society. The reality even if Stephens sister had enhanced it was somewhat different. Stephen mentioned he disagreed and Stephen’s objection was quickly overruled. Stephen knew their was more truth. What was Stephen’s 2nd innocence shattered like a glass thrown on a concrete floor. The poor performance at UTSA had weekend Stephen’s confidence in himself .

The information had been processed in the quiet of a dome tent at Mc Gimsy scout park San Antonio now overtaken by the San Antonio. The song exploded into Stephen King’s the lines from Pink Floyd’s "Comfortably Numb" from Pink Gilmour's Delicate Sound of Thunder  “When I was a child I caught fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye….I turned to look but it was gone I can not put my finger on it now the child is grown….the dream is gone” childhood had vanished the man Stephen King had looked up to worshiped had shown his own flaws like the father who had abandoned Stephen for military duty at crucial time. As Stephen stared at the Khaki top of the dome tent the ship he had built the previous year was running aground. Nights can be long with insomnia the song played over and over. As the insomnia played out other truths were revealed.

Stephen King and Bo the previous three months had become fast friends. The person Stephen King had feared the most was now the best friend on the cross-country team. The deepest darkest secret on the cross-country team was Stephen King’s hatred of Heights was to an extent self hate. Stephen King had been victim of the bullying during sixth grade and the bullies had remarkably cooperative motion decided to torch the last two years once they had gone past the curiosity phase. Truth be told Stephen King hated some of his classmates and wanted revenge for the hell of sixth grade. A hated person was now a friend and the dissonance was a vibration.  What happened with Bo was unplanned. Stephen King was back. Each flash with Alamo Heights represented not much the degree moral superiority the Unicorns edge had was small but Alamo Heights was the community that had many students at Winston School….life styles of the rich and messed up. The previous 2 years had been a period of shame. At Seguin while making a pass Stephen king uttered “Damn the past” as he passed a mule. The pass was only temporary. It had been a foolish surge. The Stephen King hated what he knew best and was an associate member of. The lies that built the explosion into glory of September and August burned with each replay of the song from the tape recorder in Stephen Kings head he was powerless to stop. Truth be told Stephen King had gotten three hours of sleep. In three weeks Stephen King’s first cross-country season would end.

One had to know what they were looking for in order to find it but the signs where there. Stephen King had learned some deceptive skills. He was trying however to lie to himself. The explosion for academic excellence though stopped. The ambition was mechanical the sincerity had gone out of it. The hatred and the profound lust for control over his destiny that Stephen had developed over the previous year was gone literally over night.

The lust however remained. That explained the proposal with Anna Vencoussins if he finished in the top 10 at district she would date him. History would record it was Stephen King’s fastest mile. By fluke Stephen King had to run varsity that race securing a letter. One of the football team members had gotten injured the night before district. Than things promptly to heck with two side stitches exploding into a single massive one and the legs filled with lactic acid forced Stephen King into a bad condition being passed by a couple Runners from Alamo Heights converting a silver to bronze. The most memorable senior was TJ who Tom another freshman had modeled on. The male team while lacking talent performed somewhat better than expected. Stephens hornball antics though scuttled regional ambition. Tom and TJ were the mellow sources as Paulie, Dennis, Bo and Stephen were raw aggression.  Coach Bob's macabe ironic humor Unicorns could be spiteful of other institutions in the school.  That was what what made life fun.  Amanda Cook made note and was somewhat irate at the stupid freshman who did cheer her on and the other girls with a sincere loyalty.  Stephen King though in her mind was still a hornball.  

Stephen emerged with the hoof and heart award. The cross-country course was the only thing that made sense. Bo never fully knew how Stephen was terrorized on the first meeting nor would he know the surprise as the two carried water together and how Stephen was shocked to have beat him at Medina Valley. Stephen sensed the teams intolerance of slackers and Stephen knew no other way other than to do full force. The result was Stephen worked hard even if he was a stupid fish.

Lez Haas was curious at this emergent figure she flirted which Stephen returned. Both girls were petite having dangerous curves which well Stephen a Beavis at heart found stimulating to look at. Anna and Lez knew they were being looked at. Lust was a good numbing agent to the heartbreak Stephen King felt. Stephen King was over six feet with a massive indention in his chest the growth spurt had left ribs near vertical. Stephen King knew he was ugly and the attention of attractive women well….was something Stephen King enjoyed.

Leisha had remained somewhat distant but by season’s end she had figured out what had not been spoken. Stephen had been gone for a couple years but knew Bo, Amanda, Tom, and Linda he had been remembered. Stephen King was a wanna be jock to hide his nearness. The odd thing was Stephen King’s freakish tendencies.  Stephens mother had allowed him to go unscathed at the Athletic banquet where the team had gotten in trouble.  The fact Ace was behaved.  Coach Bob pointed out you do not cut and draw on table cloth within view of school district officials and not expect trouble not to to follow you.  Leisha did not get too close to Stephen King but she remembered.  

There were more things other than lust in Stephen King’s mind. Donna was a flame who Stephen had developed a crush on. The crush had never died despite two years. Donna was cute but not a hottie by any stretch. Donna and Stephen had borne some of the dark side of the social games that were life on the hills over looking New Braunfels. Both had diagnosed learning disabilities. Stephen King did have an obsessive streak with disability. What Stephen King faced was the years in Winston and shattering of familial relationships his attraction to Donna remained…..and it was a profoundly irritating thing. The existence of the attraction was a mystery for Stephen King. If Stephen could rule his own emotions this attraction to Donna would have died years ago.  Yet the recesses of Stephen's own soul were a mystery to him as they burned.  Stephen King by November 1990 was wondering why he should even succeed in school. His ambition of running a multi billion dollar aerospace firm had burned to a crisp like the night was seared into Stephen’s memory. the night in the tent.

The odd thing was Stephen King grew to have a role with of all people the freaks. Stephen King was Catholic liberal big government kind of guy. While Stephen said be believed in abstinence till marriage one touch but Lez Haas and Anna Vencoussins could have eliminated that and Stephen King would have dropped his pants and shorts at the drop of a hat. The peeves of the freaks were many of the kids that were portrayed as role models in the Herald well got drunk as much if not more so than the freaks that were looked at with a critical eye. This was the high school as told by his sister being born out in front Stephens eyes. Even the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster had demonstrated it. Stephen hated the hypocrisy while slowly seeing his own. While the incident at the fall sports banquet could have hurt Stephen King....in credibility there wittnesses his mother had taken him out early after he received the hoof and heart award.  Furthermore aside from the slightly bored look on Stephen's face he had been guilty of no crime. 

Stephen in the winter of 1991 opted not to run track that time meant that became active in debate. There was a debater who posed as a cross-country team member. One of the darkest things happened at Taft high school where Stephen King had gotten in between a friend from middle school who like him was a freshman and the debater. The cross-country team had hated Rodd.  Stephen King made this known.  That debater would not live to see his junior year. The gunshot that took the debaters life would be self inflicted. Stephen King had engaged in the behavior that Bo did when both were in sixth grade.

The sudden C only performance horrified Dr King want Warrant officer King. The two were poorly equipped to deal with it. Stephen at one point tried to verbalize he did not care but he wanted to. What followed was a temper tantrum was by Warrant officer King. Stephen was being beaten emotionally though he was in effect dead. Dr King and her husband had both emerged from near rags to the lower rungs of riches. They did so by relentless drive. One from the barrio the other from a refugee camp. In all their experience they encountered nothing to prepare or equip them to nurture. Stephen King hated his father for abandoning him. Stephen King mechanically did enough to pass had you asked him what he wanted to do with his life he could not have given you an answer.

New Braunfels high had its own quirks. In addition to a greatly variable discipline policy only 5 classrooms had access to sunlight. Stephen King’s hypocrisy had limits he by the standards of behavior was a good student. He did not cause trouble. He could have gotten away with much. He resented his JASM for using family status to get away with a late season schedule change. To him the lapse of integrity was. A variation of winter depression was readily obtainable in the building that was built at the start of the 1960s concrete block, steel reinforced concrete roof and in the original structure 0 windows. Stephen King now without ambition was slowly being undercut by having most of his days spent without access to sunlight. While the gulf war waged half the world away the point was hammered home while taking an English test in total silence then the sound of rain forming a background. No one knew what was going on outside till the sound of rain emerged over the silence of taking a test on Romeo and Juliet.

A Proverb says faithful are the wounds of a friend deceitful are the kisses of an enemy. God was breaking Stephen King which beat a fiery eternity of agony which would have happened and Stephen had died. There were hints to end the agony. An illness made it impossible for Stephen to get fitted for his letter jacket. The last opportunity for the letter jacket fitting was cancelled by paperwork for the passport. Ace was to visit Australia for family. By having run varsity at district he had secured the letter. The quirk had been in reality a blessing. It was a Saturday in April when Stephen King was put into a situation where he could resolve the issue with Donna or at least figure out what caused it. The attraction was platonic and it was what Martin Luther would call an example of common grace. The knowledge to Stephen King introduced its own host of problems. Those problems would inevitably be solved Stephens suffering he was paying the consequences for his own sinful nature. He was being brought face to face it. The pain demanded a search for answers. The quest would grow and inevitably find its answer.

Birth was painful that is the essence of life. As Stephen King walked beside the Frio following a road that went behind the Boys cabins 1-5 to Pebble Beach Stephen King was in effect entering a spiritual birth canal. As he walked the last two years of the Winston School and Wehinahpay had all but disappeared he was the sixth grader again of sorts. The knowledge of his attraction to Donna was there. It was his mind and brought two separate points of time separate by 2 years had been brought together the length in the space of time had made it rope. Now the two points were together in the mind. As Stephen Walked memories exploded onto his mind almost as fresh as they had occurred hours or minutes ago. Each step had its own significance.

Stephen King emerged where he had sough silence from Robert Earl Keen’s No Kinda Dancer album and other loud songs that had filled the valley. The Gospel presentation Frog Sullivan had made took root the hard rock which it had been placed in in the late 1980s had been shattered the rocks had been broken into fine volcanic sand and dust. The seed had survived as the events had crushed and broken the rocks around it.

Stephen King as he looked at the Frio was faced the Frio was as U2 had described without a name in the palace of his shame. The flame for Donna was a candle that could not possibly heat the rock structure of the palace of bitter memories. The Battered beaten Steven King who was as empty as Bob Dylan’s Knocking on Heavens door. As he knocked Christ himself answered. Christ demanded the candle Stephen had been using as heat. For a moment of hesitation than a release. Stephen grabbed a rock and as he released it he surrendered to Christ completely. Stephen unknown to himself and everybody else had ceased to be Stephen he started being made into Ace. A lost sheep had heard the master’s voice. In heaven there was rejoicing. 

Like the moment Stephen realized his adopted dad was mortal and the unknown nervous breakdown in the tent the walk up the road back to the main body of Echo Valley and the ranch house would be burned. Stephen knew not where he was going morally or spiritually but he knew simply it was better than where he came. The memory forever to the tune of Love Rescue Me by U2  “I stand at the entrance of a New World I can see The Ruins the right of me will soon have lost sight of me.”  

A trail would be cleared that weekend Stephen only aware that the agony he known since October had gone. He was unaware what was to come. It would be one year till he saw the valley again then an additional three weeks after that weekend before real training would occur. In the mean time irony was to intersect the life of Latvian Latino and even greater lessons were beginning those great lessons slowly taught but never forgotten. The first words of the “You got one home but you have never been there” lesson were about to be spoken. Can over compensation for parental neglect be beautiful….in the case of the person become Ace it would be.



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