The Making of Ace: introduction Esteban Erik Stipnieks All RIghts Reserved


The year was 1986 He is the only classmate of both. Warrant officer candidate King had just made it through pre-flight at Ft Wolters Texas near mineral wells. He saw Anita Martinez a Spaniard in Agua Dulce. She was driven ambitious and was obviously doing well at Texas Woman’s University. She was not someone he wanted anything to do with but she was a familiar face. Maybe it would help his bud the man whose last name King have a good night. Warrant officer candidate King was struggling lacking discipline hopelessly intelligent aggressive intelligent undisciplined. Now in the capacity Warrant officer Smith introduced the man born in DP camp to the woman in South Texas in the hall at Texas Woman’s University. Little did he know the two would spend a lifetime together. They would bear two children their story would span continents.


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