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Those who have known a murder victim have in their memories a clear point. When they heard the news their life changed instantly and radically. There was life before there was life after. You can be victim of the rage or you can combat the darkness with light. The family of Robert Quiroga chose to turn on a light instead of cursing the darkness. The http://www.robertquiroga.org well is the light switch perhaps Robert Quiroga and gymmates Andrew Gover were looking down watching the 11 bouts that were well quite exciting! To Andrew Gover’s unknown murderer if you are still alive you can cop a plea. The day got started with an up and coming Tejana super star singing the national anthem followed by the rumble of bikes. San Antonio was throwing a party in the name of its first champ!

Roman Ruiz won the first bout. He though like all boxers had to work for it. The bout was in the 87lb weight division

Mark Gonzales won the second bout it was close at 201lbs

Jermine Rodriguez struggled to victory at 141lbs

Jorge Centano fought hard to decision win at 133

Kimberly Gonzales won her bout at 107

Alvaro Morin won his bout at 136







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