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Labor day a day you think of relaxing the last gasp of summer.  For fourteen boxers it was anything but idle time or time of relaxing.  Naturally the evening did not go by without controversy.  Their were times where I thought people who SHOULD HAVE KNOWN better did not.  This event is why you want a ticket to live boxing instead of watching the event TV (not only do you miss the commentators) you catch other action which can include as September 2nd Controversy! (More fun)

Lose you first match as a pro what do you do you learn from it or not.  Rogelio Moreno out of Houston showed he did learn  it was hardly a blow out but he imposed his will on Christian Santibanez enough to earn a decision victory over local Christian Santibanez.  gallery of the fight

Boomers without a knockout or even an official  winner.  I feel Juan Manuel Alvarez landed with more accuracy had a bit more defense and in termso boxing was just slightly sharper.  Aaron Rosa used his size and leaning to impose his will but he got caught a few times.  The judges had it majority draw I fell Alvarez won.  gallery of the fight

Brianna Rich local Middle school student doing a great job on the National Anthem on labor day! 

Writing to I commented that Paola Ortiz out of Houston added fuel to the who is the best female boxer in San Antonio controversy.  Did Christina Fuentes who last fought Christina Ruiz win but compared to Rauh Shee Warren's bout and Jairo's bout this bout was close and entertaining.  Paola was making her pro DEBUT!  I was expecting a knockout Paola went the distance and it was a bout even closer than Maribel Zurita's pro debut!  gallery rounds 1 and 2 of the fight , gallery rounds 3 and 4 of fight

The TV had the better angle on the shot if you watched it you can better tell if it was a low blow or not.  I felt Kenton had already crawled into Juan Manuel's head and was making a home defeating Juan early on mentally .  At times I felt Juan was lawyer boxing  TKO round 2. 

Raul came home and snagged a TKO victory end of round 4 not the prettiest of battles he got tagged a few times.  A personal note June 20, 2002 while Raul was an am at Angles one of his gemmates was brutally murdered within about 10 miles of the venue that murder remains unsolved.  I congratulated Raul afterwards but I suspect he knows this fight while a victory is one of those seeing him at his prime seeing him now.  gallery of the fight his opponent is 13-13 and Raul should not have gotten caught the times that he did.

 Rau'Shee Warren showed his skills.  The difference in styles south paw versus a right hander  and a jab that landed with unerring accuracy and power his power hand well the fact their were count em 5 uno, dos, tres, quatro, CINCO knockowns attest to his both power and reason for a permanent suspension of seconds license for Omar Gonzales corner.  I have heard ring side too tough for their own good.  Omar Gonzales is example of it. At one point in the fight I felt Rau'Shee backed off a bit like cat playing with wounded prey.  Omar landed a couple damaging shots round five or six but well he got rocked many times with many more.  gallery of the fight

Jairo Castaneda has the reach he has the power and despite being smothered a couple times and him eating a little bit of leather I spent the majority of time from the 2nd half of Round 1 waiting for what I feared would be a big dull THUD and 10 count!  Warren Stewart was the second of the fighters the night I thought to be too tough for their own good.  Warren did land and some did some damage I caught one on camera but they were as rare a pleasant day in August in south Texas.  When Jairo ripped a right at the proper range Warren felt it and most of us ring side did.  Jairo also landed some body shots that could be described by a song off the Top Gun Sound Track "Take my breath away"  Jairo is now three and 0.  Gallery of the fight

Well the change of pace came.  Luis Collazo and Alan Sanchez provided a wild change in style and attitude.  To spectators it might not have been the most pleasing display personally I liked it.  Slick defense leads to long careers.  Luis Collazo won it with a judge and I agreeing on some of the rounds stolen by Sanchez it was seemingly slow where neither fighter was willing to make stupid mistakes.  Collazo while at times not being the most active often was like Johnny Cash's guitar player who did Folsom Prison Blues and I walk the Line.  Gallery of the Fight

What is boxing without a little controversy.  One voice ring side remarked of the split draw the patriarch of the Simpson clan arrived.  In that I agree I feel that Mike Martinez won.  The Marine attacked like a bulldog and like the New Marine corps wisely with a sound body attack.  The fight for boxing fans aside from the controversy was a fitting punctuation mark to an event that had its shares of thrills.  Trooper fought hard despite the onslaught and provided justification for debate.  It was not televised only those at Cowboys got to see it and it was a fitting end to a solid night of boxing.  Gallery of fight



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