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Once upon a time the postman who delivered a knockout Monday night at Cowboys Dancehall was a Junior Olympian (the age of many fighters at Saturdays show.the trainer of his opponnent was still a teen in North Texas. Carolos Sacriste is now at Randazzo boxing training his pros. Now the only thing that remains unchanged is an unsolved murder. Open Letter to murderer Well another generation including Arturo the took the ring on blessedly soggy saturday and due to lack of light photos were hard to get.

Arturo Ramos winner JO 72lb weght class by UD.

Mason Vera winner JO 55lb weight class by UD

Emily Martinez winner 107lb JO by UD (Jo means Junior Olympic age range and UD Unamimous Decision)

Enlique Rodriguez winner Senior Division (over 18) 132lb weight class.

Youth Open Division winner 120lb weight class Giovani Cisneros

Winner TKO round 1 Senior Division 190lbs Myron Brew

JO winner Kolby Vela 77lb weight class

Youth Open division 136lb weight class winner O'neil Fuentes.

Trayvon Napier winner senior division 155lb weight class.

Jesus Guitron winner by UD 96lb JO

Kiara Funetes winner by UD JO 110lb weight class

Mario Hernandez JO 60lb division winner.

Two Silver gloves champs recognized

Vladmir Tejeda winner by split senior 145lb weight class

Senior 150lb weight class Joseph Dobard also pictured Mark Caloy staba president

Jamal Moore winner by split decision senior 170lb weight class

Henry Ortiz winner Senior division 201+

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