Randazzo Boxing Show report photos licensed to participants and coaches ONLY (staba is participant words Esteban Erik Stipnieks)



The Randazzo boxing club situationed off of Nacodoches Road had another amateur boxing show neighborhood grass roots boxing.(I will try and do the best I can with the names no computer bout sheets so we are using hand written notes which with a dyspraxic might be less than legible

Amber Guitterrez won the first bout of evening JO 135lb weight class

It was Cruz from Castillo JO 65lb weight class

It was Cavazo bout three sorry about missing the first name

next bout due to lousy notes winner in the red corner from Calderon

Out of Champion fit once again poor notes RSC with a dramatic power shot

No results or pictures bout 5

Open divisision action close bout out of the red corner (bear with me I do get some names)

Out of Leija boxing gym the winner

During the intermission Jessie James Leija talked about the Cinco De Mayo Pro card at Cowboys Dancehall where the likes of Steven Hall and Ivan Najara will be fighting.  Tickets Tickmaster.

Established the reach early and held off a late rally it was Howell winning 156lb weight class bout

It may not have been perfect but it was enough Silva won his 110lb weight division bot

No defense 1 knockdown 1 winner who fought his heart out despite knocking down his opponent Thomas Toledo

By retrirement round 1 novice division De Montoya

Robert Rodriguez JO 95lb from Ramos

It was hard fought it was close it was Julio out of Randazzo boxing gym

Efrain Lordo slid in underneath and won his 141lb weight division bout by taking away the reach advantage

Jeremy Dominguez of SA Parks had to work hard to win the final thrilling bout of the evening


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