Tribute To Karla Rendon on Her Golden Gloves Victory words and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights Reserved



Boxing loves a comeback story....Americans do in general.  The underdog odds stacked against him or her suddenly emerges in the sun savoring a sweet victory.  San Antonio Golden GLoves this year had such story. 

To understand the depth and intensity of the comeback we must go back in time.  Back before Ronnie Joe Neal was dead and even before the horror trial began.....James Cantu was still an amateur and Terry Carrillo still hung around the boxing scene inside the ring as well as out.There was a film era on this website.  Some of the battles I photographed with Karla Rendon were her epic championship battle with Janina Lopez.  She also fought Tammy Franks before Tammy Franks to be blunt became a punching bag.

Things happened.....a disaster that would send our heroine onto the ropes her boxing future her dreams in doubt.  That disaster was a herniated disk.  For six years Karla was gone from the scene.  At one point appearing to be obese cheering on her club Angels at one boxing event.


Cue aggressive comeback music...... if you do not like over used boxing cliche's we can go early 80s with Triumph or Journey those songs would provide the throbbing background music of San Antonio boxing gyms early 1980s.  A boxer on a quest......her vision crystal clear

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 Karla Rendon surprised Patrica Cuevas who had fought Olympian Marlen twice once in Houston.(Link to gallery) Karla showed speed and she also voiced gratitude to Mike Rios who she commented she could still remember and it still shown through.  Mike is old school and his son will also show that training against Luis Yanez in La Villitia on the 24th March 24th 7pm at La Villitia.

Well how the story ends.....It ends this way   a Triumphant comeback by Karla winning San Antonio Golden Gloves title!



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