Irwin Center Fight Report Nov 22 2008


While OU was helping UT boxing fans in Austin went to the Frank Irwin Center to witness a punch for Pay event.  If you saw the first and last bout....not to happy but the middle was great. 

The night started with Charlie the Tuna and Mr Rotel making an appearance.  Danny Bernal made his pro debut against Guillermo Zamora. 

The fight was no mystery in the first two rounds

Danny got his win

The next fight had two San Antonio fighters create reason for crowd noise in Austin.  Felipe Castenada went in deep making his pro debut against Julio Valdez

I did not see the bout the way the majority of judges saw it.  Felipe landed accurately with a fair amount of consistency in round 1

In Round 2 Julio was the aggressor at one point cornering Felipe and though not noticed by the referee landed one of his punches just south of Veracruz Felipe's belt being the Rio Grande.  Julio did maintain the role of aggressor he established in Round 1

The pattern of the fight remained consistent.  Julio won by Majority decision some others ringside myself disagreed.


Jawanta Mason showed aggression when you got a bite can be good.  He may not have looked good at times but some of the punches he landed made Hanson Ice Thacker hurt worse then the fight looked.  Ice had to hold on and landed some interesting counter shots not nearly enough though.

Ugly Playful effective.  Jay Schulze started with some slick slipping and counters...yet like the promise of rain here that soon dissappeared what followed was two more rounds of effective enough punching by Darril Schoonover that had Jay holding and holding and holding.  Darril with his MMA background finally got so sick he ended one holding episode with amounted to a hip toss.  Jay did not come out for Round 4.

Fast strategic and tight.  What other way can you describe Morgan Crocker V Oscar Villareal for the serious boxing fan this was intersting.  It was a fight that I was glad I did not have to score.  In the end the edge of skills Crocker had was the edge that won that bout. 

Who wants it?  Terrance wanted that 1 in his win column to start things off with.  He made it clear in round1

Round 2

He also made it clear in round 3 and 4 when Marcus Key decided to attempt to make a fight out of it.  Terrance came back with counters and aggression.

The head scratching moment of the night came when the decision of Draw was award in the Manny Morales V Juan Serrano bout.  Juan had moments but Manny was on him like dung beetles on a cow pie from an organically fed free range long horn.  Juan the taller of the two did his most damage on inside exchanges.  Manny was faster outside and landed clean bombs. 

The night ended with six rounds of for what the most part was a glorified heavy bag workout for Aduato Gonzales using the head of and body of Miguel Delgado as a heavy bag.  Miguel had moments (can be counted on 1 hand with left over fingers.)  Miguel did got the 6 rounds leaving little in question about his chin and courage. 


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