Armed Forces Boxing Championships Lackland AFB Day 1 photos and report Esteban Erik Stipnieks(not a participant do not repost)



It is the gateway to the USAF. It is where many of the heroes who have protected life, liberty done extraordinary deeds had their valor developed, loyalty heightened, and sense of duty deepened. I have written (essay on other site) that the military value system that simply put has kept us free. Lackland is one of those places where those values are developed. The Armed forces boxing championships is a celebration of values of those who defend our freedom. Pentagon TV and military media was there. For the first night if I could tell San Antonio boxing fans….take the classiest amateur show you have been to and this it. Many people who have made many sacrifices were in attendance. To those in uniform this report and photos is a token of gratitude for the freedom I enjoy because of your valor.

Multi service color gaurd presentation of the teams and prayer by Chaplain then the bouts got underway

The first bout of the night featured Theodore Roosevelt Student Patricia Cuevas over MASN Rhonda McGhee.  Patrica Cuevas won the exciting bout being interviewed on Pentagon TV ((click for gallery)

Cpl intel guy Damarias Russel over came a persistant Antonell Padilla Cruz to win his bout at 165lbs Galley of BOut

Combat medic Zacchaeus Hardick defeated Gary Griffin Gallery of fight

Army Truck driver Charles Blackwell delivered an RSC victory round 2 click for galley

Radio man Kent Brinson had to work hard to send a message by decision Click for larger photo

In This Building at that moment courage, selflessness, is being distilled your next presidential election vote is being being defended


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