Debuts, Draws, KO's n Close Ones with a side of Controversy! report Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved

 Pent up demand and the potential for some interesting bouts filled the San Antonio Event Center. What the crowd in the end was greeted to one close fight with decision that was just enough to be clear, 1 dramatic upset 2 Ko’s and 2 draws.

Joe Haros and Omar Rojas both were making their pro debuts. You want an honest opinion on who won I agree with decision and how it was derived. Haros did land some solid shots in the four rounds Omar Rojas had his moments. This was entertaining. Joe from San Antonio emerged with a majority decision. This was an entertaining bout and good start of the pro side of the night Photo Gallery of the fight 7 additional pics

What do you say 1st Round KO 1:13 not much you simply mention that the winner was Georgio Guiterrez from Robstown Texas. I will the photos speak when I get done with them. Gallery with 3 additional pics

Justin Williams had reach he had power he had hope. He did not use his reach and the chin and pit-bull like determination of Salvador Roa out of Austin while not KO’ing Williams relentlessly stole enough points particularly last 2 rounds the last round ended with Williams eating plenty of leather. Raul Martinez was in Roa’s corner and Roa’s performance made Raul’s choice of black fitting for the night.Gallery of fight

Conjunto v Rock the unassuming sweet gentle secretary(outside the ring) v the exotic former John Jay Mustang. Crank the heat up it was a war over four rounds that ended in a draw. Celina V Christina hard fought barn burning leather throwing leather landing edge of your seat draw! full fight gallery Ruiz v Salazar

Knock u out Barbershop was out in force. Joseph Rios took the Barbershop’s advice quickly in Round 1 1:46 it was over. It was brief fight the fans Rios did not mind. Galley containing three additional pics of the fight

For the final fight of the night it technical Draw Round 2 head butt. When the commission is at its best (Which it was on this one) it has high standards to prove an accusation. I am not on the TLDR I am not a state official. As a historian by training I will say this while I have a hunch based on experience knowing Chato that in he initiated the head butt there is woefully little evidence to support the conclusion. First round I had 10-9 for James Cantu there moments where it was 10-8 minus a knockdown. The second round was the same. The head butt was a great way to end a fight without a loss that appeared inevitable either by unanimous blow out decision or KO. Only Jose Martinez knows for sure…. Galley containing 10 additional pics

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