LBCS Day 2 Bout Six Onward....Photos and reports Esteban Erik Stipnieks for use staba, boxers and coaches due to Facebook TOS change DO NOT REPOST photos on facebook. 



Steve Belmontes of Joe Garza won his senior open vision 152 lb weight class bout by 3-0 decision

It was Richard Howell winning split decision bout 7 in the senior open 152lb class with some controversy because well

Some things have to be coached and the holding with the arm that the ref can not see by just a little tension with the shoulder...Howell retaliated some but....well the photos tell the think I knew what to shoot from watching a match up of the same two clubs the day before to catch evidence?

Dillon Gonzales of Austin Police athletic league won his senior open division 178lb weight class bout.

Coach official Gaudalupe Sanchez out of Corpus Christi receives Allegiance award from staba president Mark Calow

Dr Dawn Rudd long time fixture recognized for her contributions to local amateur boxing

Herman Torres won his senior open division 201 weight class bout by split decision.  He represent San Fernando boxing gym

Tyrell Hendon won his senior open division bout 201+ weight class by UD.

In a thrilling senior novice division bout it was Austin urrabazo of fighting monks by UD.  The weight class was 141lbs

Rafael Munoz won by split decision senior division novice experience level 152lb weight class

Christopher Garcia of fit pit won his senior division novice level 178lb weight class bout

Barrington Pryce won his senior division novice experience level 178lb weight division bout by split decision.


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