Cowboys Dance Hall Report Knockouts A Plenty report and photo Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved!


Building fighters is up is challenge and an artform.  For the local based boxers some showed promise others well failed the Test some had a genuine learning experience others well opened up a can Rotel. 

It was southpaw v orthodox in the first bout.  Kermit Hendricks well Santo will say yes you won by TKO round three but...Kermit was the better conditioned and his better training showed.  Near the end of round two it was clear his opponent was out of gas.  It was an awkward fight with grabbing holding for the first round their was some interesting aspects of it.  A KO victory but lots to grow on

The man from Boston who hits like a KO 1:14 round 1

Ann Wolfe's boy done well Johnny Arrellano showed his grit by systematically destroying his opponent from Juarez he got caught once or twice but well Arrellano remained calm and poised.  His opponent had an injured shoulder round 1 the fight went into round three...warrior spirit v simple practicality and eyes.  The shoulder injury should have lead the fight to stopped end of 2nd at the latest.  Arrellano took advantage of the situation showed toughness and poise under fire.  A step forward in his career.  This was a test he passed with flying colors

The Mexican National Anthem was sung followed by the national anthem of the United States.  Gotta love how Cowboys dance hall has the flag on display on the backside of rodeo arena where the bouts took place.  Jorge Suarez Texas title belt holder was recognized and local amateur boxer Cowboy Karl..... who fit right in

First ring action...McCumby a man to be feared.  I got the only real shot he hate he quickly got defense waited for an opportunity and then well his opponent felt like someone on the business end of Israeli air force.  McCumby was patient like an assassin then when the opening came .....well.  McCumby stayed cool calm collected then by 2:35 of the first round. The final volley started with a body shot that hit like round from the main gun an M-1 tank which brought the head into full view.  The referee did not notice the corner saying stop the fight till additional blasts landed.   

  Steven Hall might not be the brightest fellow or best boxer but he does have savvy and a sense of humor.  His opponent had a 2-0 with 1Ko record.  Well Hall showed enough ring savvy and some skills to alter that record 2-1 1 Ko defeat in the first round.  Hall slipped a couple landed some body shots.   

When Santo Smugly smiles something is was up for 1 round Theo Johnson won round 1 against the pitbull but the pitbull won the next three my score card and the three judges ring side. 

Was it a slip was it knockdown round 1.....hard to tell if there was ever a round I would call 10-9 with a knockdown it was the first round Ivan got dropped.....Well payback came 1:06 in the 2nd with Alamo Heights accounting interesting compounding interest.  No Mas and barely 5 miles from where he laid his head finishing Alamo Heights high school Ivan won by KO



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