Ausaboxing Revised Conduct



Howdy folks I am tagging people in this note to kind of provide a direction and seek feedback for future operations.  Ausaboxing has and continues to exist for three main functions which stem from its core mission impact culture for Christ.  There are a maze of contradictions.  But lets look at the three

Promote the sport of boxing Austin San Antonio Area

Serve amateur and Professional boxing Austin Antonio Area

Be a positive voice for safety.

Unlike other boxing websites I strive for a few degrees of seperation from promoters,staba,and individual gyms.  There are disagreements within STABA, there are disagreements amoung gyms etc etc. 

In amateur events the criteria has been hardened for me to address a controversy

coach complaint

photographic evidence

personal feeling intense

safety issue

(I have not been through a judges course I do know what is a foul etc) I also realize the limitations of my two fold platform photographing and writing judges know the degree of concentration and that it can fade etc etc I have a very wide window on "Robberies" I will comment only in extreme cases.  Furthermore in terms of presidency and who controls being nuetral in the vast majority of circumstances is a matter of keeping the site alive.

If I tweak a safety issue the 48 hour rule remains.  I am obligated to talk and share. 

Promoters it takes courage to have someone who is NOT totally abiding by your directions to be at an venue.  By the same token the degree of separation increases credibility.  For the casual observer inviting someone who might have a critical eye and who might just not spout the party line increases your credibility.  It hopefully will sell additional tickets.  I personally think Fightnews long term hinders the sport.  For somone who might not like boxing to pull in get often what is the promoter's line they TURN OFF the sport.  By having a a degree of seperation from any local promoter and their echo chamber CREDIBILITY is attained. 

Do the right thing.....Saturday night Emily Klinefelter was in my prayers.  Concern for has been real and as facts have gone out disgust at preventability has been genuine.  This week has been hard my approach has been Boxer almost gets killed Boxing faces issue head on starts dealing with the problem.  There are those who have helped me there are those who have voiced concern for Emily.  I feel for the casual person seeing boxing deal with what happened in Iowa pro-actively long term BUILDS the sport.  The story is boxing cares and boxing gets disgusted at tradgedy.  Boxing seeks to prevent future tradgedy.  I have kept the sources of encouragement nameless I have kept researchers nameless.  If Iowa city knew the story crtics of boxing would have much less to talk about.  My aviation background after preventable crashes the biggest critics are high time aviatiors.  The paradox is the the crash that killed a dear friend and beloved brother in the faith in 1998 was one such very preventable accident. 

Ok somethings hits and advertisement records don't lie.  Much of my coverage has been dictated comparing and noting what generates add traffic and money.  LBCs generated over $7 USAF boxing Championships less then $5.  Also note what got me started as a boxing reporter and who I did for Sue TL Fox and  

I am tagging people who I consider valuable and I seek counsel of.  One thing I did notice in San Antonio is that boxing remains a sport not liked by....the zip code I live in and other.  The door remains open for those who seek to offer advice and disagreement.  I can not get a certified board for site operations but all members of the local boxing community I consider a functional board.


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