Rendazzo Brothers show a day of am boxing at a community gym: Words and Photos by Esteban Erik Stipnieks to the boxers and parents and gyms enjoy the photos save em get em printed out photos for the boxing gyms and boxers given to boxers in loving memory of Cari Crews

(National anthem being played)

It’s called community boxing. A professional group of volunteers puts in hours a boxing gym gets other members of the community involved. Jessie Gomez entertained us during intermission belting out great music. A father who was a reporter mentored his daughter with a camera and a notebook the way an Army pilot introduced is son to the skies in Piper Comanche. Variations of the attitude the father taught his son were being taught by the photographer/reporter to his daughter behind the camera! Sixteen bouts provided good action most of JO. Funds were raised to afford a trip to a major competition the gym was PACKED! It was solid action in a great atmosphere.

Fred Benitez won his bout senior JO 127lb weight class

Mario Zuinga won his bout  116lb Jo class

It was Julia Hernanez won her bout senior JO 124lb class

From Laos Dustin Southincheck won his bout in his home ring 144lb

Christian Santibaez won his bout Senior JO 121lbs (gym

Ramon Cardenas also of Ramos like his gym mate from Ramos came up the winner his weight class 106lb

Aaron Davalos won his bout senior JO 128lb class

Ramon Garza won his bout 136lbs (Angels boxing club)

John Mena won his bout senior 141lb weight class

It was Carlos Escobar by RSC 2nd round Senior JO 133lbs

Jospeh Garcia won his bout 100lb weight class

It was Victor Trevino of Ramos who won his bout JO 98lb class

It was Christopher Martinez of Ramos who won his bout JO 84lb

It was Samuel Belen Wides wht won his bout Senior JO 163lbs

Saul Montes won a victory in his home gym ring senior JO 131lb class

JJ Ortiz ended the show with another victory in his home ring at intermediate JO 205lbs

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