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The story Christina Ruiz takes another turn October 6 in Pomona California as she fights Kalisha West for the IFBA title.  This is just the latest set of twist and turns in it comes in the aftermath of her cross-town rival taking a defeat in Las Vegas to Melinda Cooper and a rather humiliating draw at La Villita that drew a fair amount of disgust and frustration from those close to Team Ruiz. 

Christina Ruiz has the curse of talent that as an athlete for John Jay High School allowed her to succeed without really trying too hard.  In the boxing world after early successes and once being in over her head it has lead to spectacular failures.  She has lost once to Celina Salazar and fought Celina Salazar to draw

There have been successes along the way heavily rated Lisa lamb was a lam to slaughter and Christina Ruiz flew to Iowa City and took care of business.  She also gave a champion a run for her money in New York in an honorable defeat.  She trained hard for her fight against Alicia Ashley...Ruiz was either gun shy or lacking passion for her fight against Nohime Dennison.  I will admit to a friendship with Ruiz so last night she asked about the job situation and then started telling me words to the effect "I must take this home" this meaning the title.  She did not seem as cocky and self assured but rather she appeared to be a fighter realizing the seriousness of the situation. 


The workout was grueling the antics I had seen before the defeat and draw to Celina was not there.  When the odds are against Ruiz she has the tendency to surprise.  Kalisha West as an opponent will make Nohime Dennison look same in comparison.  San Antonio fighters though tend to provide surprises....Joseph Rios (last fight)

Well in Pomona California it will be on we will find out which Ruiz shows up....(the one who slaughtered the lamb in lambs pasture) or the one who embarrassed herself a La Villita.....we find out October 6.



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