Ruiz's Obscured Dazzling Triumph commentary Esteban Erik Stipnieks


While what happened Saturday night is a black mark in boxing and appears to be preventable, The other side remains which I perhaps have been soft on. Christina pulled off an upset against GREAT odds. The deck was stacked against her. The conduct of the commission in Iowa only ADDS to her triumph.

Christina is a warrior through and through. He flight cancelled and its not easy travel through Dallas. She did not even get a night and a day to recover. DESPITE THIS she chose to make the fight even if it did brazenly give Emily Klinefelter an advantage. The commission if it was not biased should not have let this happen. The warrior spirit of Ruiz was strong.

The script was for Emily to wear down Ruiz (which could have happened in my opinion) and despite the knockdowns rob a decision. Even one of those knockdowns is in question. Saturday night Emilio Ledezma said their was a knockdown in the first. Iowa media contradicts this. I talked to Joseph Walsh on the phone Iowa boxing commission. He did not tell me one way or the other. Instead I am waiting for an email response from the Spokesperson of the commission. I feel it is safe to say Emily was dropped in the first round. Stay posted to my site for more details as they break. Today Emilio repeated that Christina dropped Emily in the first.

In the midst of the headlines we have a triumph obscured. San Antonio should celebrate Christina Ruiz’s victory as she progresses from person with talent but a brawler unskilled to becoming more skilled more trusting of her coach and coming home with a victory. Against great odds she triumphed! (Stay posted this story has not been fully told additional info maybe released)




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