Up against Long Odds Can Christina become a Champion words and old file photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks

Christina has found her feet after a defeat in December within eye sight of her high school. An overconfident over talented boxer who did not train intensely was defeated by a little less talented but more determined and hard working Celina Salazar. The road included a tomato can MMA fighter defeated quickly and putting an old rival who as an am notched a win against Christina in the canvas in the first round. Now……Christina faces a new challenge Johanna Mendez


Emilio Ledezma took on the challenge of Amanda Serrano way too soon. Now Christina after facing legit competition she has managed to send the majority of her opponents to the canvas at least once. Emilio also took on Houston’s reputation for having rigged fights and he said now that the heat was on perhaps things might change. It’s after all a political year and the TDLR’s antics can hurt Rick Perry. Emilio has had boxers from San Antonio emerge as victors in Houston contrary to reputation. Johanna Mendez is tough facing real competition and with a -0 in the loss column compared to Ruiz’s well earned 2. This fight will tell.

Has Christina morphed from cocky brawler to trained boxer? I guess we will find out on the 17th.

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