Christina Ruiz Photo Shoot (These are mini 1/3 size of what is of Sue Fox women boxing records  ) I shot the pictures if you are a fan of women's boxing join  it is the fee side which I regard was one of the best boxing sites on the web. has images from some of the best boxing photographers who put cam to their eye and snap away. 



San Antonio is boasting its new section of the Riverwalk Christina Ruiz is the latest female boxer out of San Antonio going Pro shortly after the urban reach section was opened up.  The Pearl Springs Section of the Riverwalk and the old Pearl Brewery now being revitalized from industrial section to hints of former glory. Gotta love the use of the native limestone and the signage around the old springs is beautiful.  Now lets face it you really want to visit San Antonio and enjoy this beautiful section of the parks even without the knockout from San Antonio there!


The Green Lagoon/Grotto  urban Reach San Antonio and Christina Ruiz mysterious and concrete shaped by craftsman with its waterfall a fit for a woman who has power in her hands and a dream in her heart.  The dream of artisans and planners realized will this female boxer grow and make a bigger impact that Maribel did before!

Yes San Antonio loves the new San Antonio also embraces its long past predating the 13 colonies that would give birth to the United States.  What happens with native beauty from the land and a Spaniard dream?  This descendant of both Spain and the natives honors tradition in front the Alamo.  The flag that flew over the Alamo during the battle was not the lone star of Texas but rather Mexican Tri-color with the the date 1824 to year of the Constitution the rebellion that began in 1835 sought to bring back to Texas.  Pro-boxer doing a PR shoot hey fans are here!  Why not make them a part of the event.  That is San Antonio puro.  The water features of the downtown Hyatt long San Antonio standards remain as keystone of the beauty that is San Antonio.



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