Of  Eddie Allen and Emily Klienfelter Redeeming A Tradgedy Editorial by Esteban Erik Stipnieks



The scene was horrific a round propeller driving engine on fire one of four sending flames into the wing the airplane trying to land. The wing spar subjected to the heat finally melts sending the airplane into a Seattle meat packing plant. Clive Irving in the book Wide Body recounts a memory from Joe Sutter’s past. What arose from the ashes of the bitter memory shocking memory as Clive Irving points out was an attitude that shaped the design of the definitive long haul airplane for a generation. Clive Irving points out a debate on a point of the design esoteric as it may seem Joe Sutter’s vivid memory made stubborn on the issue 1,200 documented as Clive points walked way from scary instances that would have been stable had it not been site Joe Sutter witnessed those years before. So when all is said and done the dissection of what happened to Emily Klinefelter will hopefully be like Eddie Allen’s final flight in the prototype B-29.

Let’s get this straight Emily Klinefelter is in the prayers of many here in San Antonio. I have received phone calls from associates in the boxing community locally voicing real concern and rest assured their prayers are with Emily. Emilio’s comment like Diaz all over again came from a genuine concern for Emily. Tragically what happened to Oscar has become short hand for preventable accident. At the point I almost cringe realizing to some extent I am rubbing some people’s noses in it every time I bring it up. That editorial which I wrote highlights a well defined accident chain with a tragic result. It looks like both Emily and Christina were placed into a similar series of events. (Similar but not seemingly not identical) We are happy for Christina she won the fight under really bad circumstances. Her power came through. We I know I have been praying for her. Tragically Diaz’s name has been linked to preventable tragedy.

I have been this morning trying to confirm that Dr. Tobin E Jacks was ringside. (update Tobin Jacks was confirmed to be present) To a lawyer friend of mine when given a link to review if Tobin Jacks ringside is a case waiting to happen.  That lawyer shall go nameless because the question was asked in passing.  I asked for a smell test on Dr Jacks record.  Tobin Jack's record is dubious at best.  It’s my opinion, with is specialty and previous issues he should not have been ringside. I did talk to Linda Moravac (Monday morning after spending time on hold) of the commission who is concerned for Emily. I feel (as in my I impression could be wrong) Dr Jacks ringside did not please who I spoke with. Real concern for Emily and real desire to prevent future occurrences is felt in this local boxing community. I would like on the pro side to have at least a trauma or ER doctor ringside. She was not present at the fight but she has directed me to someone who was. With what has come out about Dr Jacks if I were to go back in time and fight again I would not want him ringside.  Tobin Jacks was ringside so Emilio's comment  “The doctor did not know what he was doing” in context makes sense.  

The second and third link in the accident chain appears Christina’s bogus adventure and her work ethic. This link could have and should have been broken early. Her flight was cancelled Friday and she flew in on Saturday. Weigh ins occur when (the day before the fight not in this case). It seems logical that this would put a rose tint on glasses which would put the inclination to send Emily out for the third round. Christina has a reputation earned of not being the hardest training boxer. By her own admission she looked fat during the photo shoot. I wonder how much rose tint the situation with Ruiz’s travel and her work ethic added. It seems logical that the link in accident chain most breakable added to what appears to the final link in the accident chain.

The revised Emilio indicated they were three minute rounds.  The three minute rounds coincidently adds in my opinion to the accident chain.  Christina has not been in the three minute rounds.  This it is safe to assume would give Team Klinfelter additional confidence. 

This act of sending her out has caused anger down here. It appears to be one of the final links in the accident chain. A third party also in the boxing world looked at the knockdown count and what happened is as I am in the camp the fight had no business in the third round. Ruiz in my opinion displayed questionable work ethic even before the fight. Needless to say three knockdowns two rounds 1/3 the fight through does not look good. Christina lands with power. Controversy has existed if the knockdown occurred in the first round.  I talked to Joseph Walsh this afternoon.  Joseph said he would forward my requests and questions to a media contact.  (They remain unanswered) This basic question was NOT answered by Joseph Walsh.  I personally believe failure to answer this question lends creedence to the claim that Emily was on the canvas in the first round.  Christina as a pro has power I have witnessed it others have too. It is my opinion that the referee and Emily’s corner should have despite the rose tint on the glasses. Mia St John was knocked down twice the fight was stopped.

A researcher pointed this out . One eyewitness who I talked to stated flat out there was one there. I was informed Monday by Linda Moravac that Iowa rules call for an ambulance to be there. At this point I will slice an email I just received:

"He was present and in the ring immediately after the fight.  At the request of the doctor, I asked law enforcement to contact emergency services shortly after the fight ended;"-

Tue, February 8, 2011 3:44:48 PM
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"Walsh, Joseph [IWD]" <Joseph.Walsh@iwd.iowa.gov>
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Iowa's rules were violated.  I have been to amateur events that stopped till an ambulance arrived.  By any reasonable standard Iowa completely failed its obligations to all the fighters on this card.  Between the ringside doctor and the response time as cited by the Daily Iowan and Walsh's own admission we have a really bad situation.  That in my opinion borders on criminal.   

If he was then what some eyewitnesses says makes more sense and paints a less then pretty picture. The ambulance and medical personnel available controversy adds to the tragic and what I would call preventable nature of Saturday night. Finally we have go fever. There is a line between bravery and stupidity by grace of God I had crossed it several times and lived without severe injury to tell about it, one of those was instances was witnessed by Lori Steinhorst. When Tony Ayala was criticizing Duva…he had made similar mistakes involving a pro debut boxer. Go fever is a real threat in the boxing world it needs to be looked at. It is insidious in its nature first at the training level then also at the commission level with a bias towards the hometown fighter. Yes that is an opinion critical of the referee. I wonder how much the referee of the bout had go fever for Emily.

On the negative side his fight in hindsight has many points of disaster written on it. As more facts emerge I find myself disgusted realizing the amount disregard for fighter's safety.  Most easily criticized is the decision to take it to the third round where the final and most severe knockdown occurred.  The weigh in after talking to Emilio occurred by video that night.  Christina did travel with a plane change from San Antonio Saturday morning!  Could this have given Emily's corner additional confidence in the outcome of the fight? 

 The horrific sight that Sutter beheld though has to has by one author’s account saved several 747s (link contains source story) and their passengers and crew from total disaster. To the Iowa boxing commission I hope this editorial serves like the memory to help you. On a personal level I was struck by concern a great common theme remains a strong concern for Emily and prayers for her recovery. The feeling of grief and yeah I sensed some anger I found comforting when I spoke to Iowa today. Lots of people concerned I hope editorial aids in safety the way the stark warnings my level 1 coaching clinic did under Cesar Cano. Other former boxers have voiced concern as well and have helped me do research. So lets add the additional wing spar so to speak be more mindful of go fever period. So as the dark moment Seattle lead bright moments elsewhere its time to take some lessons from it. 

When I wrote this editorial initially Christian compassion filled my heart for Emily.  It still is there.  What has overshadowed as more details emerge on and off record my feelings have shifted.  Accidents are one thing.  Freak accidents occur tragically.  There were changes made in Texas after what happened to Oscar Diaz. The local boxing community was angered there were measures taken factor F I can say is harder to occur now.  Dr Jack's record is clear, there was no ambulance ON SIGHT! Violation of the rules of Iowa....It is my opinion the District Attorney needs to first investigate the commission for violating their own rules and putting all fighters at the card it risk.  While greatly appreciative of the openness of Iowa state officials not a person from the Iowa boxing commission belongs anywhere near a boxing ring again.  The fact that Ruiz v Klinefelter began without an ambulance on sight in my mind should put the chief official under criminal investigation.

 For me it seems logical to say Emily was a victim of her husband a state that took advantage of her.  Christina Ruiz's career has been shaken by what amounts to gross fraud and negligence.  Christina Ruiz and Emilio Ledezma found themselves players in tragedy that was readily foreseeable and preventable they too are victims of what I feel to be negligence no less then criminal.  The commission not just premitted a near disaster but did so violating their own rules.  There needs to be punishment.       



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Esteban - Thank you for your inquiry.  Dr. Tobin Jacks was the ringside doctor.  He was present and in the ring immediately after the fight.  At the request of the doctor, I asked law enforcement to contact emergency services shortly after the fight ended; you would have to check with the emergency services about the response time.  I am not sure how to answer your third question.  You would probably be best served by getting a copy of the fight.

Joseph L. Walsh
Iowa Athletic Commission
1000 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

(515) 281-8119

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Dear Joseph Walsh,
My name is Esteban Erik Stipnieks I cover boxing AUstin San Antonio area. 
http://www.ausaboxing.com/main.html has a three fold mission and I am doing one
the harder aspects right now.  REst assured Emily is our prayers down here.  I
knew Oscar Diaz that editorial I wrote afterwards was tough considering I knew
more about what happened that could not be published. 

SOme questions
was Tobin E Jacks ringside as doctor?
what was the delay in the ambulance? ( Emilio Ledezma indicated no ambulance
THe big question was why was this fight allowed into the third round
God bless
Esteban ERik STipnieks

End Notes

Dr Tobin Jacks violations

Newton Independent http://www.newtonindependent.com/newton_independent/2010/06/former-knoxville-doctor-barred-from-practicing-obstetrics-fined-1000

State of Iowa http://www.state.ia.us/ibme/Press/2010/06_25_2010.pdf

Note I did not cite the full paper trail there were others. 

Accident Chain Definition http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-definition-of-accident-chain