Ruiz V Salazar the Rematch Looming photos and report Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved!


The final two miles of a 5 mile cross-country race were being played out, drama was unfolding. A hungry not to talented runner was stalkin his prey: two runners from Southwestern Georgetown. A trap was subtly being sprung. Physical talent v courage and cunning was the battle. Physical talent was hopeless as pass made and the rest of the course run like a rehearsed game plan. Christina Ruiz found herself December of 2009 within .4 of mile of the softball field where she was proud John Jay Mustang mired in a trap sprung. Like Egyptian air force in the jaws of the Hebrew Lion Christina was embarrassed on her home turf.  A little but of hubris lead to a red face in more ways then one.  The question is….what will happen in the rematch. Will Christina take the bait again?  Will Celinas work ethic triumph?  Will Christina's talent get joined with work ethic she has struggled to find? 

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If Celina hid beneath the radar the ability to surprise in many respects has vanished like a snowball sitting outside at Sea World on a July afternoon. Lets face it a bad night in September helped her have a good night in December.  Her fight with Christina and her fight to a draw in New Mexico has undone what happened at Randy’s ballroom. As another boxing reporter…..said she is the better boxer. As for an ace in the hole she might have. Christina has faced it in a ring with less then desirable results.

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Christina has her own battle that adds to the drama level. Her talent has meant that to borrow a line from Heart she was the winner who did not know what the gambler understood. The ghosts of previous trainers in her form and style are slowly fading. Yet the legacy…of a former trainer is still a thorn in her side. She has power in her hands but in terms of slickness…well she simply put not as slick.

Well the question is: who is San Antonio’s next promising female boxer. The two come head to head October 16 San Antonio Event Center. Has Christina discovered what the gambler understands? Can the uncloaked Celina continue to dominated with calm quiet poise that hides a worth ethic that would take the most hyper focused Bulldog or stubborn mule to shame? Tickets San Antonio Mens Club, Team Azteca Boxing Club, Angels boxing club, Knock you out Barbershop, San Fernando Gym.  Gates open 6:30 San Antonio Event Center Loop 410 exit Marbach

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