The last 10 bouts kept the action hot despite the midst falling down Thanks Alamo Hotdogs, Edward Cano Attorney, Southwest Business Services and Johnny Cano.  Boxers these photos are a gift from Community Bible Alamo heights. Sponsors coaches and staba have rights to repost photo with credit. 


Rodney Rice from Gary Job Corps won his bout 201+

Eduardo Avelo won his bout 135lbs

Manuel Rublacava won his bout from Webb PAL sr JO 135lbs

Rudy Favala won his bout 73lbs

Jermine Rodriguez won his bout 146lbs

Daniel Cantu went home to Austin with a victory in the 131lb weight class

Eduardo Torres won his bout 72lbs

Henry Arredondo won his bout 119lbs weight class also form cutting edge

Raymond Guardo won his bout

Last but not least it was Morris Davis by RSC Villar boxing 132lbs.



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