San Fernando September Show report and photo Esteban Erik Stipnieks (if are not SA Parks, STABA, or affilated  with boxers or coaches do not repost you are affilated please grant photo credit) Photos for boxers by Community Bible Alamo Heights



From Community Bible Church playing the National Anthem and then the action started

Rick Medina got things off with a victory JO 61lb class

Justin Coffman won his bout at 70lb weight class

Joseph Rodriguez won his bout 129lbs he trains at Castillos gym


Jose Castro won an exciting bout on his home ring! 138lb weight class

It was Luis Delgado with a victory 92lb weight class

Alberto Lopez won in the 148lb weight class three rounds of raw adrenaline!

IMatthew Hernandez got a victory in his home ring at 166lbs

Reschard Hicks worked for it and earned it a victory at 156lbs

Paul Rios of southside Copperheads once again had to work for his victory  at 143lbs

Alejandro Avelos won his bout at 147lbs



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