San Fernando March Show Part 1 Esteban Erik Stipnieks photos for boxers coaches and Staba


She has done it often I have mentioned f the violinist who has gotten so many of the shows started with her rendition of the star spangled banner got recognized here is a photo of her in action.  Salute....Staba was putting on two am shows at the same time Saturday March 9 ,2013

Jorge Vera won bout 123lb weight class (2-1) decision

Richard Medina Ramos won bout 2 86lb weight class (3-0 decision)

Giovani Salazar won bout 3 83lb JO weight class (2-1) decision

Mario Gomez of Davalos boxing won his bout 65lb weight class (3-0 decision)

Robert Travis 137lbs USAF boxing won his open division bout.  (3-0) decsion

Alex Ramos won his bout won his bout by 3-0 decision 68lb weight class

Jovani Martinez winner by 2-1 decision at 114lbs

Johnny Moreno winner by 2-1 decision 127lb weight class

Seyer Reyes winner by 3-0 decision 63lb weight class

Abel Flores winner by RSC 156lb weight clsass

State GG champs Tanajarna and Brinson recongized!


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