San Fernando March Show Part 2 Esteban Erik Stipnieks photos for boxers coaches and Staba


Jamie Jasso winner 68lb weight class by 2-1 decision

Claude M Bula winner 83lb weight clsas 3-0 decision

Alejandro Arevelos winner 128lb weight class by 3-0 decision

Alex Flores winner by 2-1 decision 109lb weight class

Robert Oliveres winner by 3-0 decision Alamo City boxing

Joseph Perez winner 3-0 decision 123lbs

Kent Brinson USAF winner 252lb open divions

Miguel Castillo winner by RSC 1 141lb weight class

Johnathon Rangel winner 121lb by 3-0 decision


Last bout winer Fransico Martinez 141lbs by 3-0 decision


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