Joe Souza laid to rest....Ft Sam National Cemetery

Within the rituals of a burial of “full military honors” lie much sacred and deeper meanings. The summary is the United States of America pays due those whose lives were on the line defending freedom. Those who wear the uniform and are honor guard know the one in the casket is in the end their next of kin. The bond is blood its of heritage its of honor. In that casket is the body of person who is OWED by this nation all pomp, all circumstance. The honor guard knows what is owed and dignifies the hero in the casket. So it was for Joe Souza.

Those who have had him as cut man those who have known Joe in the boxing world almost stretch the real life Mickey had put his life on the line defending our liberty. One boxer found a picture of Joe when he was in the ring not as a cut man but as boxer. The picture was posted on facebook.  Joe Souza was owed full military honors.  He had defended this nation furthered freedom.  It was as a result of those efforts that in May 1992 at another burial bronze star recipient (Vietnam Vet) had died knowing the land he had fled was once again Free!  Joe Souza earned the titles: boxer, liberator, coach, cutman.  Those full military honors were rendered at his burial. Liberators deserve no less.  Joe like those who had served in the cold war in the end liberated those on the Baltic Sea.  The United States of America thanked one of those who defended her. There was also the simple fact that family gets together at funerals. Joe Souza had his immediate family, the brotherhood and sisterhood of heroes honored and his extended boxing family said good by.  Joe cared about those he coached those whoose cuts he stopped in fights.  Joe earned the love that was shown at his passing.  Was he perfect in judgement and he was human.  There was only one perfect person. 

Three volleys of seven shots, taps and the sound of tears were the sounds heard as Joe Souza left larger than life boxing status and went onto the pages of boxing history. His last haircut while he was alive had recently been given by a former boxer he had coached. It was that haircut that Joe wore when he made his final journey. A reporters notebook had names who were at the funeral. Fans would recognize them….they were saying farewell to dear friend. It was a privilege to know the legend Joe Souza his passing brought tears he was loved. Joe now lies in the company of heroes. Joe now resides in boxing history. Adios amigo we love you we miss you.

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