Spectrum Wages War on Ausaboxing.com


Howdy folks there are things I do not like doing…using this website to cover my backside is one of them but some times its necessary. You see for a long time I was member of Spectrum….but as you read on you will find out oops that was a big mistake. Round about October I let my hold on my membership expire….I quite frankly owe them legitimately $122.000 of which I sent the payment I could $5 Thursday. But alas there is conflict. You see I told in in OCTOBER I HAD $0.00 income aside from the site partially paying its bills. But Upon hearing this I was billed for November and December as well…you see you can call Spectrum tell them you want your membership terminated REPEATEDLY but till they get a signed letter THEY WILL STILL BILL. You see in my non expert Opinion I am not a MD I am not a licensed counselor suffers from rather severe Cranial Rectosis. You can Reach her at (210)489.6244 Extension 4. You see I have told her repeatedly DO NOT BILL ME FOR ADDITIONAL MONTHS. I have been billed for those months! Now they want not the $ approx $125.00 I owe them but rather $255.16 because she can not comprehend I DO NOT WANT THE MEMBERSHIP.

Now perhaps you are thinking a membership at Spectrum….I got a buddy who works out at the club Alamo Heights off Austin Highway and after using their showers suddenly had to visit the doctor with a Staph infection based off the foot…..I hope this horror story discourages you from dealing with them. Perhaps you may want to Contact Doleen Edwards 489-1980 Extension 4 and ask her why she can not comprehend Esteban Erik Stipnieks’s request terminate the membership.

I would further ask that you contact them and encourage them to have leniency as I try to serve the local boxing community I will scrounge scrimp and do what I can to give them the $120 or so I owe them plus interest (even it means making small payments forever. I will not pay the $255.15 oh yes it will not hurt if you are member to drop a note signed at the club terminating your membership and leaving her a call saying her treatment towards Ausaboxing has forced you into the action.

UPDATE now while I struggle to build and maintain the site to serve the boxing community give photos to local boxers Spectrum announced today they did not receieve $5.50 in payments (THey do not take cash go figure) has decided to wreck my credit to make it harder to find a job!  Call them ! I am undable to pay them I wonder how I will get a phone bill paid this month Good Friday i recieved another phone call threatning and harrassing  I would encourate all fans of this site to give them a call number provided and ask them why the harraseemnet continues.

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