Behind the Scenes Local of Local Boxing how operates! Report by Esteban Erik Stipnieks

(The bell that called the meeting to order on it you will find a brass plaque with two names of men who served amateur boxing well)


Why would a large group of people gather from many miles at a school cafeteria in Pleasanton Texas some getting lost to and from? They would gather to make decisions affecting amateur boxing in South Texas. I was privileged to photograph the event and to bring to some extent the boxing fan to it so that the local boxing fan who does not have contact regularly with STABA to understand how amateur boxing is regulated in South Texas. What I saw was in many ways remarkable.

Staba is the local branch of USA boxing. It is a non for profit charitable organization and donations to it are tax deductible. All amateur boxing in a wide area from just north of Austin to the Rio Grande Valley falls under its auspices. All amateur boxing matches that occur in the area are regulated by the rules described in detail by USA boxing. Coaches and officials are certified by staba in accordance the rules of USA boxing. I had an active coach status for one year. The candor and attitude towards safety that clinic entailed would surprise many. Staba is a fully volunteer organization…..I will add covering events an aviation even a student pilot can act in a professional manner. I have seen much professionalism from staba and this professionalism is growing. The people of Staba from the president on down may not get paid a dime for their activity but I have seen conduct that truly merits all the connotation that comes with the world professional. That, I consider a beautiful paradox.


President Staba mark Caloy Speaks                                                               a vote is cast

The meeting of Staba decided assorted issues some involving personnel others including elements of structure to govern and sanction amateur boxing events in areas larger then some European nations! There was the general floor, the governor’s chamber containing reps from local boxing clubs who could attend and an athlete’s chamber as well as the executive committee. The meeting was run in accordance to Roberts Rules of Order. There were several reports as Staba had sent officials to nation wide and events and interfaced. USA boxing wants to get closer grass roots boxing. There were points of contention yet resolved in a manner that a bystander with no steak in the matter either way would approve of: Debate followed by a secret ballot. Truth be told if video of the meeting were aired their would be yearning other institutions would be handled in such a transparent orderly manner.

addressing the chair                                                                                        athletes reps with ballots

I had been told via Facebook by a Blackhawk Crew chief deployed to Iraq to keep make America great. It is hard not to imagine that troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq smile this is what we are fighting for. Differences resolved through debate reference to rules. People getting their say by both word and vote decisions made in a civil matter. People giving of their time and resources to oversee the governance of amateur boxing in south Texas how American how remarkable. At times while the process may have appeared to be cumbersome Roberts Rules had to be followed.


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