Glossary of Texanese Spanglish and Avitonesse. 


3A-4A: Divisions in UIL interschool competition 1A school is a very small high school 5A school is very large high school

ADF: Automatic Direction finder AM band radio ground based stations ADF is a recieciever with loop antenna early 1990s can be tuned to NDB (non directional becons) or AM radio rastions. (Ace used instrument navigation aids to help with his flight that occurred under Visual flight rules) replaced by VOR due the fact with thunderstorms around ADF needle will have a tendency to point to lightning strike activity instead of ground station it is tuned to.    

AFTP: Additional Flight Training Period required of pilots in National Guard structured military training.

Agua Dulce Texas: small town between Corpus and Alice its name literally means Sweet water. 

Alamo Heights: municipality and school district within San Antonio zip code 78209 suburban, white and rich from the 1960s-1990s.  High school mascot the Mule.  Feaux Niners live within 78209 but within city limits of San Antonio.  A large percentage of Winston School Students came from Alamo Heights area.

amigo: spanish word for friend  

AP: Advanced Placement in early 1990s used only when applied to English taking AP English allowed students to test out of Freshman English.  Preferred by dyspraxic students because the discussions are more conceptual and in depth.  AP English for Ace in reality was academically easier than say remedial English.  For a non dyspraxic student it was far more challenging more reading, more essays more depth. 

Balcones Escarpment: dramatic rise in terrain it is where the hill country emerges from the Costal plains fairly clearly defined in New Braunfels If you drive on Loop 337 The Balcones Escarpment you climb up beyond the Landa Street Bridge and remain on till you cross Bliders Creek. Rapid steep increase in elevation. 

Balls or a pair: crass term in reference to testicles as said in locker room someone who has a pair has courage aggressiveness. Coach Bob when he used in the locker room was saying Ace was masculine though proud of his virginity relating where he showed courage and drive.  See context clues

Barrio: Poor Latino community segregated from upper crust Anglos.  The area around Schlitterbahn in the 1950s and 1960s was "The Barrio"

bilingual education: teaching a student in the language they spoke first in addition to English highly controversial.  Championed by Latino activists as a way of maintaining culture.  It was the law in Texas 1990s and to varying degrees remains in affect though it is challenged by those in favor in total immersion. 

Burrito: used context white on the outside brown on the inside inverse of Boolio

Circle Arts Theatre: small play house local community theatre in what was the Landa Industrial complex adjacent to Landa Park now a part of Landa Park. 

Calhoun Jr high: Denton independent School district early 1990s grades 7-9 located slightly west and slightly south of Downtown Denton.  Older school named for southern politician Calhoun. 

Caliche: crushed powered white lime stone

Camp Warnacke: where Blastenhoff and Surfenburg are now at Schlitterbahn originally a off shoot of SWT than transformed to a tourist cabin home of the rapids where the Comal River was pinched by a concrete wall 80% the width of the Comal also boasting an adult pool and kids pool.  It had a go cart track and at one point for multiple seasons a water slide.  Run primarily at the end by NBISD middle school administrators and counselors.

Cessna 150: High winged strut braced monoplane with fixed gear typically powered by 100hp horizontally opposed air cooled engine typically used for training pilots.  Notoriously underpowered and slow considered to be fine trainers because their assorted quirks made better pilots and loss of control occurs gradually in time for correction by flight instructor.  Relatively benign flight characteristics.  Like all airplanes pilot ineptness can lead to pilot death but the 150 gives more warnings before. 

chicken fried steak: beef in batter deep fried  

Eden Home: retirement home off Lakeview Blvd New Braunfels Texas a round trip from Unicorn stadium was approximately 3 miles.

DOF: In photography Depth of field or depth of area in focus determined by aperaturer size, focal length, and distance from object being focused on.  Controlled by altering values of each.  Also relates to shutter speed smaller aperature greater depth of field but needing longer exposure time.     

Doobie: slang term for marjiana usage Cheech chong up in smoke lots of usage of the illicit the plant materual goes up sim smoke.   

Edwards Plateau: Large region of Texas extension of the great plains high rocky the hill country is a sub division of it the hills are really cuts from various streams and rivers. 

Fajitas: orginally diaphragm meat purchased at a low cost heavily flavored by cheap marinades tough hard to eat but when you a poor and in the barrio it was beef later grew to become a delicacy originally throw way cut of meat.

FBO: private business offering parking places fuel and hangar space for aircraft also equipped with flight planning rooms greatly varying by ownership and chain in Ammenties. 

FCA or Fellowship Christian Athletes: social club of Christian athletes intended to mentor and strengthen walk of faith with Christ and talk sport.

Fishwalk: Early 1990s annual tradition remains of king and queen of hearts traditions at New Braunfels high school.   

Freak: artsy students who tend to hate jocks but consider nerds shallow

Frio: Spanish for cold also name of river where cold water is. 

Gringo: insulting term for white person implication of ignorance and racist similar to cracka and honky

 Guac: short for Guacamole pulverized avocado with tomato and spices added high in fat high in potassium

H-E-B: Grocery store chain founded by the Butt family from TN first store in Kerrville Texas.  Has become the dominant grocery store in South Texas.  The Butt Family also funds the Laity Lodge Foundation which is a Christian ministry.  H-E-B as a grocery store chain has done large volumes of charity work and at times in 60s and 70s was not too interested in getting public credit for it. 

ISD: Independent school district a unit of school organization has authority to tax also gets state funding.  A superintendent is the executive answerable to an elected school board.  ISD's get operating funds from property taxes collected by the county they are located in. 

ISO rating: Film light sensitivity higher the number the more sensitive to light film is push processing involves exposing ISO film of one rating at an exposure of much less light then compensating by additional time in developer.  This results in large film grain structure but less under exposure.  1600 ISO film is 4 times as sensitive to light as 400 ISO film and much more grainer.

G: measurement of gravity 1 G is what we feel walking around. An airplane that produces 3 G acceleration in climb mode is accelerating and climbing rapidly making its occupant feel three times their normal weight. 

jock: high school type athlete in contact sport not quite the smartest person may or may not be of affluent parents male jocks are considered good looking they get the girls and often party the hardest.   

John Force: Dragster driver Funny car division drag racing times over 1/4 mile early 1990s he was a force in funny car division.

JP-8: Fuel used on SR-71 flights very high flash point a gallon of JP-8 had more chemical energy than a gallon of Jet A or JP4. 

JROTC: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps retired military members who obtain teacher certification teach aspects of the military life style to high school students.  New Braunfels early 1990s had a Marine Corps program.  Their are Army, Air Force, and Navy unites.  In the early 1990s successfully completing JROTC meant enlisting at higher rank if you so desired.  Taken as elective course in high school also counted 1/2 PE credit for graduation. 

KATY: otherwise known as MKT railroad Missouri Kansas Texas which one of two Rail roads that ran through New Braunfels Texas for over 50 years.  At the time of the Novel the KATY line had been abandoned as Union Pacific had merged with Missouri Pacific and had bought out MKT.  Due to high traffic the Katy frontage has been rebuilt and is in use today through New Braunfels. 

La Migra: insulting term or warning term for Border Patrol or ICE. 

La Raza: literal translation The Race indicative of pride in heritage derived from Spain and native peoples such as Cohuiltecan, Apache, or any other tribe that intermarried with Spanish settlers.  Also assorted leftist political movements within the Latino community.  "Viva La Raza" is almost like "Black Power"

Letter jacket: Jacket in school colors that has various decorations earned by achievement in extracurricular activities each extra curricular activity has set criteria for earning a Varsity letter further achievements are noted.  Ace wore a purple and gold (From Denton) but had his Unicorn letter sewn on in such a way to indicate he had earned it first.  Roughly a symbol of knighthood.  To attain a varsity letter in cross-country running 4 varsity meets were required.  Track letters were done on a point system.  Wearing a letter jacket is a symbol of achievement outside the classroom.  Can be highly decorated with achievements within various clubs or organization.   

loco: spanish slang for crazy   

medio: Spanish for half gringo medio (I am half white boy)

MIP: Minor in Possession drinking age in USA is 21 considered a minor offense leading to fine or time in either Juvenile Hall or jail.  Juvenile hall under 18 jail for 18-21 years of age. 

Nerd: math and science genius thick glasses maybe in band

OD: fatal overdose of drugs.  

Panther Canyon: Part of Land Park complex nature reserve trail a steep canyon on the Balcones Escarpment.

Panther Piss: additive used with JP-8 to make the fuel ignite. 

Piper Comanche: Ace's dad is a partner in single engine Comanche low wing non externally braced airplane with 180 hp engine retractable landing gear and with constant speed prop.  More complicated, faster than the a Cessna 150 faster climbing slightly larger requiring more training and less forgiving of pilot error.   

Prep: short for preppy typically children of affluent families who wore the latest styles Golf Team, Tennis, Team Cheerleader.

Rattler rattle trap: fishing lure consisting of plastic body with small metal spheres creating rattle vibration two three barbed hooks.

rico: spanish word for rich oh gringos ricos rich white brats 

senioritis: slang term for abnormal behavior from high school seniors who are though an emotional period can be manifested as extreme apathy or great loyalty to school.  

Shwamkrugs: Now gone for several decades it was an eatery located off of Walnut street just beyond the rise of the Balcones escarpment orginally providing German food and hamburgers then shifting to steaks.  It was a reasonably sized family owned and operated restaurant with reasonable prices.  It was a neighborhood eatery.  It provided pre game meals for Unicorn football team early 1990s and before

Spanglish or Tex mex: considered by linguists an emerging language not quite traditional Spanish not quite English. 

Speedy Gonzales: Warner Brother cartoon character that invokes much controversy considered by some to be ethnically demeaning to those of Mexican Descent....a small mouse who runs fast and steals cheese.  La Raza people consider Speedy's buddies negative because they appear to be lazy and hopeless....Conservative Republican Latinos respond its the Yankee Gringos who suffer as they try to exploit the Latino masses.  The Yankee Gringos Daffy Duck and Sylvester the cat/

Strickland Jr High: Early 1990s upper class primarily richer Denton northern Jr high school Denton Independent School district. 

Tejano: Of Hispanic descent through Texas a specific division of Latino heritage meaning multiple generations had lived in Texas slightly different then recent arrivals.  Used interchangeably with Norteno.  Tejano culture is considered in Mexico to be redneck crude, crass hard working. 

vato: slang for dude can also have negative connotation. 

Viva: spanish for live "viva la revelucion" may the revolution live!

VOR: Short for VHF omni range ground based radio station that allows pilot to know his or her position to it on a compass course not prone to atmospheric intereference used from the 1960s primary navigaton aid for instrument flying early 1990s various VORs classifications 25 to roughly 100 miles.

wetback: insulting term racist term meaning illegal alien who came from Mexico also meant to imply all Latinos in Texas did not abide by immigration law illegally crossed the border by crossing Rio Grande.

Winston School San Antonio: Private school named after Winston Churchill who was dyspraxic.  Orginally in Dallas than started San Antonio Branch....which  1988-1989.  Author like Main character attended 2 school years 1988-1989 1989-1990.

Wurstfest: New Braunfels annual salute to sausage making and sausage selling benefitting non profits timed a little after October fest.  Through the early 1990s often had Myron Floren playing  Started in the sixties and was a sign resurgent ethnic pride in German heritage. 


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