Traders Village Show Part 1 report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks if you are not a coach or boxer(pictured) Do not repost if you are a coach or you are boxer repost with credit and if you want to get a print by all means.  

The weather was hot but the breeze was steady Angels boxing club and Traders village had their 2nd amateur show together due to bout sheet issues I will not be able to provide age division but I hopefully did a better job with names


Traders village is in South West San ANtonio!


Eric Reyes by 4-1 Decision 175lb weight class

Guirrlimo Guitterez 100lb weight class by 3-2 decision

Nathaniel Dominugez in a bout Henry joked he was glad he did not have to judge 141lb weight class 3-2

Steve Medrano RSC round #2 175lb weight division

Joshua Moreno 5-0 125lb weight class

Richard Medina  5-0 decision winner 78lb weight class

Juan Rodrigez 80lb weight class winner by 4-1 decision

Councilman Medina District 5 San Antonio who is a champion of amateur boxing

Two members of Angels boxing club who put in the sweat beind the event and a representative from Traders Village who made the boxing possible gracious sponsor.

Remundo Casares 5-0 decision winner 141lb weight class

Ronald Sergove winner by 3-2 decision 75lb weight class


Part 2

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