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South Texas in November....with winds Gusting from Gulf Traders Village a flea market generously provided a venue for local amateur boxers to strut their stuff it was a 20 bout show...

Jose Rodriguez won 4-1 Decision JO 82lb weight class by 4-1 descision.

John Whisler long time Express news boxing beat man and Henry Rodriguez who has MC'd too many events to count

Julian of Angels boxing club won his JO 79lb weight division bout 3-2 decision

Edward Torres of Angels boxing club winner 85lb JO division 3-2 decision

Joe martinez Viper boxing club senior Juinior olmpic winner 3-2 descion.

Megan Martinez of San Antonio parks winner 5-0 decision 125lb intermediate JO decision winner...

Jose Flores Senior 130lb weight division 4-1 decision winner from Randazzo boxing club

Eric Reyes senior division 158lb weight classs winner by 4-1 decision from Reyes boxing schools

Austin Urrabazzo by RSC round 3 winner 158lb devision

Jose Pesina winner by 3-2 decision JO senionr division 121lbs

Frank Arada winner JO senior 192 weight class  from Texas Wolverines 3-2 decision


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