Traders Village Show Part 1 (Photos Esteban ERik STipnieks see Copyright policy main page)


Ok things are tight for the local boxing fan…no pro shows….if you had gone to Traders village for the last bout however you would have seen the feature bout was an oasis in a long drought.   With tradition and skillful volunteer from the show proceeded


Robert Garcia won his 72lb weight division JO bout

Amber Rojas won her JO division 81lb bout this time she did have to work for it

Josiah Reyes won his JO 73lb wietht class bout having to work as well!

Intermediate 105lb weight class it was HIlario Vasquez with a narrow victory

Angel Martinez showed thevalue of a good body attack winning by RSC Round 2 senior JO 132lb weight class

134lb Open Division Cresencio Ramos....showed dominating skills 5-0 Decision.

During intermission #1 long time supporter of local amateur boxing Alice Cano was recognized and we saw a Cuban escapee future San Antonio prospect get recognized


Traders Village Part 1

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