Traders Village Amateur Show Part II( Photos Esteban Erik STipnieks See Copyright policy off main page)


Andres Cuevas with reach and accurracy secured a victory by RSC round 3 Senior 121lb weight class

Angel Gongora hung onto a lead secured early rounds to win his Senior division 127lb weight class bout

Local pro and Angel James Cantu being recognized as well

Jimmy Martinez of Angles boxing club won his senior JO divsion 134lb weight class bout

Ramon Castro won his senior division 132lb weight class bout....making it sweeter was trophy presentation by gymmate and pro

boxer Ivan Najara who a week ago was well getting ready in Oklahoma to present an early Halloween nightmare on a Top

Rank card....(Ivan won by spooky 1st round KO)

It was not as pretty as his fight at SAC but it was still a victory Nathan Benson novice senior 166lb weight division

score 4-1

It was a 3-2 decision for Ramon Cardenas intermediate age group 115lb weight class.



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