The Weird Links of October 16,2010 commentary and photos by Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved!   



An Oxford trained history professor quoted Churchill history does not repeat itself but it rhymes. October 16, 2010 two events happened that seem distant both relate to San Antonio female boxing. In New Mexico Tammy Franks (from San Antonio) put an Ironic footnote on Mia St John’s career. It was in San Antonio on a November night in 2001 that Rolanda Andrews met Mia at Sunset Station. Humiliation or Kharma occurred depending on your point of view. The Rolanda Andrews V Mia St John fight is like to some extent like Obregon’s death. What is known and what is suspected are two different things. What is known is the extent of deceit alleged by Mary Wells Urslo engaged in to get her to fight Jessica Rakoczy. I like those historians on Obregeon’s death are prone to believe that someone was quoting the fictional Col Hannibal of the A-Team "I love it when a plan comes together!" Well Mia faced a glorified heavy bag from San Antonio her retirement bout after becoming one herself at Sunset station.

800 pixel photo of fight recut reedited (1)(Mia V Rolanda),800 pixel again recut enhanced of the fight Mia would rather not remember!(2) , 3rd of series enhanced recut!(3),800 pixel pic of ROlanda v Mia!(4),click for larger photo! Rolanda V Mia(5)

Rolanda V Mia larger photo (6)Mia V Rolanda larger picture(7)8th larger Mia on Canvas V Rolanda (8) 800 pixel Mia V Rolanda 9th photo(9)800 pixel mia v Rolanda(10) Final 800 pixel ROlanda V Mia the towel flies


On the other side of October 16,2010  in San Antonio another question arises. Will Maribel Zurita and Celina Salazar’s career wind up taking a parallel direction. Maribel Zurita trained at the now non existant Heavyweight Gym and Tony Ayala arranged to manage her. Soon she was soon training only under Tony Ayala….could this happen again. Will the draw to Christina Ruiz provide an excuse for Tony to get Celina to change gyms? Perhaps if she does she will have a record like Elizabeth Villarreal? Who coincidently secured a rare early win against….Tammy Franks. Well wasn’t that interesting?

Could it be October 16,2010 had more then a few historical threads running through it and a greater complex weird wonderful picture emerges with a fancy pan and going through the scene first in wide angle 28mm then zooming to 200mm? Well thanks for reading and remember dyspraxics will spot the organically grown Pecan for the Forrest!

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