Yanez Calls Out Loser???? comments Esteban Erik Stipnieks


Things can get weird in the boxing world. In two weeks a coach that supported another gym finds himself at odd and changes a story radically. Facebook is changing the boxing world. I will admit that the most absurd incident was brought to my attention www.ringstats.com I see it plain as day Yanez on face book called out not the winner of Rios V Casias but Casias the loser of the bout.

Rios and Yanez fought to a draw in the DFW area. Gabriel Carlin and Team Rios are trying for a rematch in San Antonio. Then Yanez cries on facebook I will take Loser! At the presser at Knock you out Barbershop Gabriel Carlin hinted Yanez rematch San Antonio in June…but Yanez is ducking? This is the first time I have seen a boxer call out “I will take loser” could it be that Yanez knew Rios won Yanez’s turf and is pollo to come down to San Antonio. Perhaps he should as Deshaun about the fairness of things down here.

(Joseph Rios left high and dry by a victory)


After the call out Yanez on facebook according to www.ringstats.com signs a contract with.....CASIAS.  Is Yanez scared of Rios?  Can Yanez who calls the loser of the bout signs a contract with the loser the bout can not even get anything other then a DRAW against Rios in DFW?  I guess Yanez is afraid of Rios! 

Editorial time

Do not call out the loser of a bout and expect not to be laughed at

Do not try to sound tough when you are calling out the loser of a bout

Do not act like your mojones smell like Mountain Laurel in spring when your actions bring to mind the odor of fear!

Rios was rumored to be off the card due to a cut he fought he fought card Casias made it interesting but Rios won!

This is a funny joke but it is a joke at Rios's expense

Yanez your credibility disappeared like the value of Peso did during the crash of 80s!





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