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Weigh in Report for Leija Battah show Cowboys 1/12 will that warm the chilly winter for local boxing fans Local Senior in High school amateur boxer Stephanie Santos Prepares for busy summer

Amateur Action Traders Village San ANtonio report gallery

Report and partial photos up additional galleries posted

Controversy Consensus On Debut bout that was not a shut out illustrated

Mexicana who runs with Wolfe Power Profile on the female fighters Texas Shoot Out Pro boxing action may 9th San Antonio Event Center

A press conference at the Cadillac Bar for LIVE BOXING San ANtonio TX May 9th History and Leather dance again in one San Antonio's most historic spots

Soviets, SS and Nat Gaurd Brat Status Bizzarre Cold War History and Brutal WWII history(Stunning foot note in aviation history)

A World Title Bout On the Holiest of Holy Days the Chrstian day of attonement pondering the Ruiz v Vincent fight in context

Death Errors HOnesty in the boxing world ponderin a weekned

San Fernando Am show 3/14 first half report and photos

San Fernando Am show 3/14 2nd half report and photos

Weighin for Golden Boy Coverage focus on 4 fighters 1 Ukrainian 2 locals and one laid to rest

Celina gets title shot and trains for it while Ruiz...full story and photos Part 2 San Fernando Amatuer Show

The Gal who fought the Queen San Antonio boxer Katherine Bouldin though defeated gave Queen Underwood a fight profile on Katherine

A Tale of Two Different Women In the Ring The Forgotten champ and the eager hopeful

Randazzo Am Show report and photos 1/31/15

Angelic Postman trains for Undercard bout Cowboys Jan 26 catching up with Armando at Angels

Of Roosters,Termites,Pitbulls and Warner Brothers cartoons editorial ongoing San ANtonio boxing phenomina

Covering Boxing in the Austin San Antonio Area

Ruiz defeated according to I would be willing to be bet the accidental head butt might not be so accidental this considering how well Mark reffed the Battle of Ballpark co-main. Scroll down for Battle of Ballpark coverage Adam Lopez fight and editorial. Both Christina and Trainer are congradulatory no refernces to head butt in any posting can't wait to see the video. Christina Ruiz trains for 2nd belt Going to Baltimore in November

2nd Part of the Story

Ruiz Trains for Title a Critical look at a sparring session I do mean critical

Bullit In the Crossfire Editorial on the WIBA as controversial organization

San ANtonio College Fight Night Full Report and Gallery

San Fernando Am show part 1 results gallery

San Fernando Am show results and gallery part 2

Looking Back at the First Female Professional Boxing Event in New Braunfels Texas (In FUll historical context) Soviets, SS and Nat Gaurd Brat Status Bizzarre Cold War History and Brutal WWII history(Stunning foot note in aviation history)

Of Asperpergers boxing and Bias post script on the controvery editorial Battle of Ballpark

Report and Gallery Links UPDATED 9/3/14 with press Release post fight from Heron and explanation for gallery.

Musings on is boxing trained brutality UPDATED with Contest and the Blacksikin departs to Cali Triple A Promotions Hits Texas League Ball Park August 30th Presser Details. "> Proudly operated under supervision by a dyspraxic (click link for details) (for PE Teachers in UK read this and Code of conduct for the site! ,

Big News Local Pros Leija Battah PResser and Scratch Hard Promotions your big time card and your local favs card

Photo reproduction policy ausaboxing>The relationship ausaboxing has with south Texas Am boxing association ,

A Lot can Go through Your Mind While Waiting for Presser thoughts on history, racism bullets San Antonio boxing past, present future (illustrated) Summer Solstice San Fernando Show report and Photos

Am boxing San Fernando Gym report for March 8 2014">

Growing up to be a boxing Reporter Spies, Soviets, SS and Nat Gaurd Brat Status Bizzarre Cold War History and Brutal WWII history(Stunning foot note in aviation history)

Canelo v Lara Presser in San Antonio Local fans fighters provide warm welcome for Golden Boy and Canelo Day 2 Staba LBCs bout six onward report gallery

South Texas Am boxing association championships Day 1 December 6 2013 report and Gallery

Triple A promotions A Night to remember report and Gallery (Memories are mercurial things)(John Micheal Johnson returns)

San Antonio College fight day report and Galleries!  With side note of history mixed in! (new)

San Fernando Am Show Part 1 ,San Fernando Am Show Part 2, San Fernando am show part 3 (photos and results)

Full report and galleries of September 2nd Card at Cowboys including non Televised bouts exclusive pictures

Report and several galleries of Pro action at San Antonio Event Center!(all male card)

Am Show Part 1 the event that proceeded Pros at San Antonio Event Center

female bout am show SA Event Center (8/24/13)

Conclusion of Am Show at SA Event Center (8/24/13)

Briefs O9 boxer brings home victory from Laredo....and Press release female action at Cowboys!

Ausaboxing goes to Ramos boxing Gym to witness one of Celina's last San Antonio Training sessions before she travels to hunt her title Texas Deuce possible report and photos!(Can Salazar join Ruiz with a belt)

The Tale of Two reporters IFBA Title Fight link to video and additional photos!

La villitia Fight Night the Guys start out report and Gallery,Massive Report and Gallery of First Female World Title Fight San Antonio Texas (maverick Plaza 7/13/13)

Weigh in for San Antonio's first Female World Title Belt report from Ojos Locos (with photos)

Traders Village am show part 1,Traders village report part 2

 Randazzo Gym Am show part 1,Part 2 Randazzos show,female bout gallery ran show (photos results Randazzo show)

 San Antonio College fight day six am bouts for free report Gallery (three female bouts)

Boxing Returns to Sunset Station report and Gallery

1st half Results Photos Randazzo brothers show ( had to go to pros as as well)

Blazing crip frontiers thanks Leija battah (explanation and Gracias to Leija battah) (updated with more info and explanation for parents of dyspraxics)

Am Show San Fernando Gy Part 1 (results posted this time with pics)

Am Show San Fernando Gym Part II (results with pics)

Am galleries minus results full pro coverage of OLLU fight card

Report and Gallery La Villitia Transition on the twenty first

 Confession I covered a relative while covering Local boxing....(How I found out and Who is the relative)

Staba LBCS Day1 (report and photos)

Day 2 LBCS report and Galleries (including link for female boxing fans

Day 3 Finals Report and Gallery with info about the Great card December 21 (Pro) as well and female gallery

Third boxing show in staba two days report Gallery from Aztec Indoor soccer.

San Antonio College Boxing Team....A Different Kind of boxing Club Profile by Esteban Erik Stipnieks

Ausaboxing exclusive total eat your heart galleries and report 2pm-11pm Freeman!

San Fernando boxing show October bouts 1-10! report and photos

Part2 Bouts 11-19 report and photos!  

Alamo Dome Fight Night Master report from JO boys to Open Division Amateur women to Controversial Mora v Vera an grueling list of reporting results and galleries for the hard core fight fan


Partial coverage and some photos San Fernando am show

Rianna Rios V Monica Alvaraez report and gallery(part of historic event and triumph of planning)

First 8 bouts Salvation Army gym show report and photos(The event made history)

Full report and photos from Cowboys Dance Hall! 

Amateur Action Randazzo Show

San Antonio college Fight Day show 7 am bouts report and gallery

Battles Bombs Brits Barf Report and Galleries from Zeferino Card La Villitia

Fast Katz Salvation Army Gym Show check back often as more is added (Report complete links to galleries)

Heads UP TO Coaches a Caution about marfans (when in doubt check it out)


How The Lowest Level Amateur boxing Coach gets certified Ausa attends  Coaches Clinic and 2012 regisration



 News                                                                              Gym Profiles                             COMMENTARY


Austin PAL Show Part 1 of 3

Austin PAL show Part 2

Austin PAL show part 3

Female feature bout Gallery Austin PAL show


Traders village am boxing Part 1 report and photos

Traders village am boxing part 2 with photos

Traders village am boxing part 3 with photos

Rendon V Leal the rematch the war gallery!


Traders Village report and gallery part 1, part 2

Partial report and gallery San Fernando gym am show(6/19/11)

Am boxing Tx Wolverines pt 1 Part 2, Part 3

additional gallery female bout


San Fernando show part 1 October 1 ,Part 2, Part 3

Part three of the show


Day 3 part 1 Finals LBC results and Photos! Part 2 Finals day LBCs

Novices final LBCs (results + pics)

They fought as novices now open division...female bout gallery

Day 2 LBCs....part 1 , Part 2 LBCs Day 2, Part 3 day to lbc(Photos as well)

Staba LBCs Part 1 (results photos plus ausabriefs) Part 2 Lbcs results and photos , LBCs Day 1 Part 3


Traders Village Amateur show part 1 Part 2,Part 3

Randazzo Show Part 1 , Part 2

Fight Friday Part 1 San Antonio college, Part 2, Gals bout gallery new!



Breaking The Ice or Least Killing the Chill Randazzo amateur show! 

Cinco De May amateur show San Marcos report and gallery part 1(bouts 1-10)

part 2 results photos San Marcos

part 3 (report and gallery from San Marcos)

For female boxing fans and fans of La Toya walker gallery of her bout 5/8/10



staba struggles and shines in Gulf Coast Houston elite show two female champions from staba have metal tested

Report and Galleries Improbably Good Good Night of Pro boxing in Poteet

March 26 Unfinished business report plus galleries posted!Now explanation for link in fight report and Loser gets called out by Yanez(update Yanez signs contract with loser)

Weigh in without drama for a fight Card taking the prescription to cure boxing  (3/25/11)

,12-22 San Fernando,22-33 bouts San Fernando (additional female gallery )

Kendo Takes a Bow Raul Martinez helps a Friend (Joseph Rios) and others train for Pro Card All At San Fernando Gym

March 26,2011 Pro Card preview Local flavor on the heavy side

Armed Forces Boxing Championships Day 1 report and galleries(one female bout)

Armed forces Day 2 report and galleries

Armed forces Day 3 results and Galleries (completed)


There was a brain bleed it appeared to be minor that night I stand corrected mysa story

This sounds all too familiar! Boxing gives itself a blackeye local boxing community outraged and concerned

Dazzling triumph for Ruiz against serious odds



THree stories Two links local boxing world read to find the details

Randazzo Brothers boxing club show part 1 (new)

Rendazzo show part 2

part 3 of report

Before the storm photo gallery report Christina RUiz preps for feb 5 Iowa boutnew

Full coverage 2011 USAF boxing championships!
results from state
Zachary Martinez
Patricia Cuevas both lost
Adam Lopez won
Isaac Torres won
Janelle Leal lost
Luis Zarzua lost
Ryan Karl lost
Dillon Canizales lost
Robert Guitterez lost

Super Sunday Finals results and photos Bouts 1-6
Bouts 7-12 report and photos
13-18 bout results and photos

for the fan of female boxing am report of LBC bout

LBC Saturday Night Bouts 1-8 results and photos

Bouts 9-13
Bouts 14-19

Friday Night LBC action part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Qurioga Memorial Show part 1 of 3
part 2
feature bout and closing!

Text Report from Oct 16 Pro Card!  full coverage done!

 ams fought on 16 as well (report plus pics)

for my female boxing followers extra large gallery Ruiz v Salazar rematch 4 new photos added 11/6/10 new

Additional Picture Gallery Ruiz V Salazar contrast link to weigh in report embedded

The Weigh In of Dreams!  The plot clarifys 24 hours from the fight night!

Ruiz V Salazar the rematch viewed in detail more pics more analysis!

Does Cantu have a chance? (interesting take on headline bout of 16th Card)

Press Conference for Oct 16 card full report

for the female boxing fan gals pics only plus info you really need to check the full press report

Ruiz V Salazar Rematch preview part 1 new photos

San Fernando 2010 am show bouts 1-10 results and photos!

Part 2 of the show 11-20

Part 3 of San Fernando card!

Oct 16 Boxing tickets can be purchase from Emilio Ledezma 210 638 8574
Event @San Antonio Event Center' Get a group of friends together to
enjoy an evening. Prices range: $400.00 for a table of 10 that's right
up front! Second row of tables are $300.00 generally are $12.00 Posters

update Emilio has tickets now at TEam azteca boxing club.....


Am boxing Rendazzo Road house show part 1

Rendazzo Road house report part 2

A Look Inside a Staba meeting

Austin PAL show part 1
Austin PAL show part 2

Austin Houston Video links and hot comments updated July 20 video link to Lockette fight read disclaimer as well.

Boxer Profile on Celina Salazar

San Fernando Smoker day of pro event report part 1 of three first 11 bouts of 34! new
12th -23 bout San Fernando smoker new
Part 3 of San Fernando smoker  new

No commentary just 3 rounds of fight you tube

Ruiz loses close decision link to HOuston boxing news

courtesy report from Chicago Boxing News Kirkland returns sent via Facebook note visit Chicago Boxing News once they get it up

Ruiz goes to Humble can she hack interview and old photos

Report (note all photos are for boxers) t TKO boxing club sponsored am show part 1 of 3

Part 2 of report

part 3

For the fans of female boxing special gals only gallery

Community BOxing action Rendazzo show April 10,2010 report and photos

part 2 san Fernando
part three San Fernando
Part 4 San Fernando Show

equal time for girls San Fernando GYm

40 BOUT show San Fernando part 1

Micheal Campbell has provided me State Golden Gloves results!  Salute to this man from Houston I am posting results from local boxers (UPDATED SUNDAY MARCH 7)

Fight news report Austin boxer at Turning Stone scroll through it to find it

Look for Nokia fights....local San ANtonio boxer loses by KO last night

Back to the Future Houston's long tall Scott V Christina Ruiz photo of their first encunter and story with links to scene set

Amateur Profile Paloma campos A Future Cop who boxes

Local Amateur and Her Easter Journey to The National stage Report and Photos

Long shot for Title Local boxer in Action October 6 Cali for title Belt

Link to Celina in action in Las Vegas


Karla Rendon successful Comeback San Golden Gloves The Story The Harder The Battle The Sweeter the Victory


Alocser in San Antonio before 3pm

Salina Barrios female 130lber Amateur cloaked in controversy profile (gallery and report)
Ashley Reyes profile almost forgotten fury! lots of pictures!

Team Azteca hanging TOugh Ruiz, Saul Amaya training for 2012 (new story)

Fast Katz New Location But THe Song remains the Same

Fast Katz preps for All Female Show!  (Venue and boxer prep)

Final Salute to Felix Castillo ( San ANtonio boxing community lost a hero)
Local am PatricaCuevas wants shot at Houston Rival and trains for it (photo intensive)(I was conned by Kendo update)
Local Boxing Hidden Hero The Time Keeper who brought comfort
LBC Champ Monica Alvarez and Her Sisters of Sweat Not resting on Laurels illustrated Story

Boxer Profile on Celina Salazar
Jerry Patterson is right and to yes I too have mocked the Alamo(the sacred foot print editorial)

Editorial Memo to UK Teachers A lesson in American culture and this site!

 the Iowa Boxing Commission break the law in Ruiz V Klinefelter Editorial and research shows the light? DA, AG, Medical board Iowa faxed

One eye 2010 One eye 2011 (commentary) 
Ausacomments on
Eloy Suarez arrest for domestic abuse

The story 2 runners in the boxing world trying to stop a repeat of a dark night

April 1 2011 ( Selena, Salina, Celina or J Lo look alike) (some humor)

A very Wide Angle
Perspective on Oct 16,2010  offers some ironic twists and probing questions!

Bad Boys Need Fathers A Call To Support Ann Wolfe at her Gym

Local Am boxer Arrested For Murder....Trainer Warned Him About His Ways Coaches can't Do It al

Boxing Saftey Editorial The people in the corners and the officials the bad and the good from three incidents(pros)

Jerry Patterson is right and to yes I too have mocked the Alamo(the sacred foot print editorial)

The Fight That Never Happened It Could Have Worse a look at Cutting Water Weight ( Editorial)

2011 in review (editorial)

Iowa shirks Duty to boxers Editorial 12/14/11!

Joe Souza laid to Rest Ft Sam National Cemetery....details on a heroes due

Luvley profitable model an editorial for the hope of boxing's future (6/18/11)


Link to more sports writing by Esteban Erik Stipnieks a novel about crosscountry running